Proceedings of the NAHS fifth Annual National Conference

This is the 5th annual conference and general meeting of Hydrologists in Nigeria since 2003, when we reorganized as NAHS and, the third successive annual conference and general meeting of the NAHS since 2010, when the present National Executive Committee was elected. It has been three years of giant strides by the NAHS, but there are still more strides to take.

Membership of NAHS has grown to over 200; a Nigerian Journal of Hydrology has been established with the maiden edition published in 2012; a Board of Fellows has been inaugurated with three foundation members; NAHS now has a dedicated website at; and NAHS conference proceedings are now published pre-conference. The NAHS has become a Founding Member of the Network of National Hydrological Associations (NHAs), under the auspices of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS).

In a meeting held on 27 July 2013, in Gothenburg, Sweden, the NAHS signed the Agreement to establish the NHAs along with 12 other National Hydrological Associations, including: the British Hydrological Society (BHS), the Norwegian Hydrological Association (NHR), Nordic Hydrological Association (NHF), European Geophysical Union – Hydrological Sciences Division (EGU-HS), Association of Hydrologists of India (AHI), Canadian National Committee for IAHS (CNC-IAHS), French Committee for Hydrological Sciences (CNFSH), Italian Hydrological Society (SII), Netherlands Hydrological Society (NHU), Chilean Association of Hydraulic Engineers (SOCHID), and South African National Committee of IAHS (SANCIAHS).

The agreement opens new doors for international collaboration among the NHAs, facilitated by the IAHS. Looking ahead, the NAHS has a very bright future. But we need to sustain and consolidate the progress that has been made, while pressing on for more. I welcome you to the University of Nigeria, to fruitful deliberations engendered by the contents of this volume, and to enjoy the serenity of Nsukka environment.

Engr. Prof. Constantine C. Mbajiorgu, FNAHS

National Chairman, NAHS

Eco-Hydrological Systems Research Unit (EHSRU)

Department of Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Download the fifth anual conference Proceedings-Vol.5