Hydrology for Disaster Management

Special Publication of the Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences 2012


The theme of this publication, “Hydrology for disaster management”, has been chosen in order to direct attention to the perennial problem of flooding now rampant in different parts of the country. The various papers cover topics intended to spell out, not only the causes and effects of flooding, but also management strategies of this extreme event.Accordingly, thirty-four papers are presented in this special publication of the Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences, most of which were presented during the annual conference of the association.


Major areas of research, as reflected through the articles, are related to flood management, while drought and desertification, food security, erosion control, coastal zone management, and water-related climate change adaptations, are represented by a handful of papers. It is, however,
encouraging to note that, in spite of the skewness, most of the papers in this publication are research-based. Articles dealing with hydrological modelling, an aspect which is considered focal to hydrological forecasting and early warning scenarios, an indispensable tool in water-related disaster management, are sparse.


Flood occurrence and management in different parts of Nigeria, covering the various climatic and ecological zones are well represented, reflecting, sometimes, traditional, ethnic, sanitation and land-use practices that are typical of the Nigerian environment. It is pertinent to emphasize here that in the consideration of the dynamics of flooding, as well as the responses of hydraulic, physical, biological and human elements, the drainage basin must be seen as a hydrological unit, without which a comprehensive reference to integrated water resources management cannot be done.


We wish to express the support of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency in preparing this special publication.


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Olasumbo Martins
Department of Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
Ogun State