The NAHS Constitution

Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences (NAHS)
Aims & Objectives
NAHS is an association for the advancement of the inter-disciplinary subject of
Hydrology in Nigeria. It caters for all with an interest in Hydrology and seeks to
promote interest and scholarship in the science and applications of Hydrology, and to
foster the involvement of its members in national and international activities of
hydrological nature or relevance.
Specifically, the objectives of the Association are:
(i) To promote the study and practice of Hydrology as an aspect of the earth
sciences and of water resources in Nigeria.
(ii) To provide for discussion, comparison and publication of research results,
hydrological information and developments in Nigeria.
(iii) To initiate, facilitate and coordinate research into, and investigation of,
those hydrological problems which are of national interest and/or require
international cooperation.

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